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Amendment 4 and the Fight for Reproductive Freedom in Florida feat. Dani Martens

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Beginning in May, abortion will be effectively banned in Florida with a strict new law making the six-week mark the limit for those seeking care. However, voters will have the chance to vote on Amendment 4 in November to codify abortion throughout the state, and organizers are amping up to get the vote out.

Dani Martens, a reproductive rights advocate and expert, helps us break down the implications of the ballot amendment from a services and political standpoint.

For those seeking abortion care or support for their procedure

The “Yes on 4” campaign is active and needs your support. Follow them on social media:

Yes On 4:

Twitter: @yes4florida

Insta: @yes4florida

YouTube: @yes4florida

Also, if you can, please contribute to these local abortion funds:

Women’s Emergency Network:

Florida Access Network:

Tampa Bay Abortion Fund: