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Conversation: There’s Not a Political Duopoly That Can Save Us Now from Governor Matt Gaetzur words in podcasting: It’s just the boys!

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Saddest four words in podcasting: It’s just the boys!

We’ve got a lot to say about Florida Man Matt Gaetz’s inevitable path to Florida governor, the current governor’s qualities that would make him an awful Speaker of the House, and our favorite topic: Miami Mayor Frances Suarez, who’s out with a fresh pair of scandals.

We also play a quick round of Canadian Wildfire Smoke Or Toxic Sugar Waste, the crazed conspiracy game sensation that we hope will be sweeping the state like carcinogenic particulate.

Finally, we get into the folly of hoping that simply voting for Democrats will patch the problems plaguing this state. We don’t want to be negative… No really, we don’t… It’s just…