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Florida’s Brightline Problem & Why We Can’t Have Good Transit

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The guys talked about the recent proposed fair increases on the Brightline train system, which has been the source of much controversy in its brief tenure as Florida’s de facto rail transit system. Along with the hefty price tag that taxpayers mostly carried, the private company that began as a patronage project for former-Gov. Rick Scott has been marred by a decade-plus of missed deadlines, diminished , safety concerns, flagging ridership, unanticipated costs, and now dramatically inflated pricing.

But maybe worst of all, Brightline simply doesn’t work. Billed as a way to connect the entire state while providing commuter-service rail, Brightline doesn’t bring people where they need to be, and the “last mile” problems have only gotten worse as purported solutions like Uber ground travel and shuttle services have fallen through.

We also talked about Robert F. Kennedy’s brain worms as well as giving kudos to the City of Doral for becoming the first Florida municipality to call for peace in Israel and Palestine.