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Interview: Manatee County’s assault on the environment feat. Craig Pittman

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About the Intro: Jacksonville was once known as “Stinky City” because of two paper mills that befouled the entire town. The documentary “The Smell of Money” was an expose of how commercial and business interests made the city so smelly, and how it eventually cleaned up its act.

In the episode: We talked with journalist Craig Pittman (@craigtimes) about his recent coverage of the Manatee County Commission’s apparent takeover by realtors, developers, and folks whose environmental agendas aren’t aligned with the best interests of the environment.

We also widened our lens statewide to discuss Florida’s disastrous recent record stripping municipal environmental regulations and how it negatively impacts our lives.

Also… radioactive cancer freeways!

You can learn more about Craig Pittman and buy his books at