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The Attempted Political Assassination of Robert Dempster & Super Tuesday Roundup

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We spent this week talking about the endless supply of disarray that the Florida Dems seem almost preternaturally capable of concocting around their wheezing party, this time in the form of a completely manufactured controversy wherein our state party has suspended the chairmen of three county parties, including Democrat strongholds Miami-Dade and Palm Beach. Among those suspended is friend of the show Robert Dempster. We talked about what a disastrous strategic move this represents for any Democrat prospects in Florida as we stare down an election cycle that looks less and less hopeful for the party.

From there, we talked about the flat circle of time that is Super Tuesday, which left us with the completely shocking Trump-Biden matchup that nobody could have seen coming.

Also… Thomas thought Dune 2 was mid, and Gerald didn’t see it.